Monday, July 30, 2018

9.10.17-9.11.17 {Hurricane Irma}

Well, we found ourselves on the road again with our good friends, but this time heading toward the Florida Panhandle.
When we were in Daytona, we sat down and they talked to us one night about the importance of being prepared for the weather in Florida and making emergency kits.  Little did we know that we would need all of that information just a week after our beach trip.
As the week went on, the weather was showing that Hurricane Irma was coming and no part of Florida was going to get out of it's path.  We waited {a little impatiently} and prayed that the guys would be given orders to evacuate.  Luckily, by Friday, we were hitting the road in seek of clearer skies.
We stayed at a resort similar to the Daytona resort and passed the time with days in the pool and by the beach.  When we arrived the fear of Irma shifting was still strong in Panama City and we were told that there was a chance we would need to evacuate if it did.  We knew we weren't fully in the clear, but we were still hoping we found safe shelter and could stay put.
We grabbed the kids extra toys for the days we would be cooped up... they played Legos and cars... we played cards and painted little toe nails. There may have even been a stop to see Dan's favorite tattoo artist in the mix. It turned out to be a great mini vacation all over again.

On the day Irma hit, we stayed inside watching the news from back home where Riverside was under water.  We worried for what we would come back to {luckily, both of our homes were untouched}.  It was a cold day in Panama City... we definitely underestimated the shift in temperatures when packing for the weekend}.  Norah and I went outside to gauge the wind and boy, it was windy, so we made the best of our situation, hunkered down, and let the storm ride out.
On Tuesday, we headed back home along with most of Florida. We sat in a lot of traffic and feared we wouldn't be able to find gas, but luckily we had a few full gas cans to rely on... just in case.
I'm so grateful for all of the information Jess gave us in Daytona because I will admit, before the Daytona trip, we certainly weren't prepared for this.  I'm just glad we were all together to get through it.

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