Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The Girl Scouts participated in a local Halloween Parade, so I was rushed to get their costumes in order a little more-so than usual.  Norah REALLY wanted to be Vampirina, who is a new character, so finding a cute costume was challenging, but I threw something together quickly.  With a little puff paint and the perfect little headband from Target, she stuffed oversized teeth in her mouth and VOILA!  The cutest Vampirina I've ever seen!
Piper is ALL about Peppa Pig this year. Her little George stuffy from our friend Charlotte goes EVERYWHERE with her. In previous years their costumes had always complimented each other, but this year it was clear that their interests are very distinct.  They know what they like and this mama just had to step aside and embrace it!

We joined our friends on Halloween to Trick-or-Treat in their neighborhood.  The girls loved EVERY second of grabbing candy from strangers.  Norah was very brave this year and begged to go into the haunted houses that were set up at some of the homes.  Brad braved that storm and surprisingly she came out laughing after each of them.  She does not get that from me.  Piper just wanted all of the lollipops... at the same time.

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