Wednesday, May 30, 2018

9.1.17-9.4.17 {labor day weekend}

Gosh... have I bragged on our good friends here, yet?
They seriously are the sweetest family and our get togethers are our favorite & nothing short of exciting!
We have dubbed ourselves the Adventure Club!
Our kids are about the same ages and they all just love each other & we all have the best time together!
They really make it worth staying in this city.

For Labor Day weekend, we packed up the cars and ventured down to Daytona Beach.
They found this amazing condo with a water park right on the beach.
Talk about a weekend full of fun & sun!  I'm glad I packed the GoPro so I could capture the best moments from the weekend!

Piper is our early riser.
Typically I moan and groan about how early she wakes up each day, but when you get to watch the sun rise over the ocean, I must admit it's moments like this that I'm glad she wakes up at {literally} the crack of dawn.

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