Friday, May 25, 2018


Just a week after school started, they were encouraging kids to take an excused absence from school to watch the eclipse.  We were actually told not to send our kids in for their safety as the eclipse would be occurring just at pick-up time.
So, we took advantage of the day off and kept Norah home.  We made makeshift viewing boxes since this mama dropped the ball on buying the glasses {and because it's way more fun to get crafty with your kids}.  It turns out it was pretty overcast and a little rainy here in Jacksonville, so we weren't even sure we would see anything, so we watched a lot of the coverage online from places getting a full eclipse.
The clouds broke just in time for us to see a glimpse of the moon passing over the sun.  I remember doing this with my 6th grade class many years ago, so it was exciting to share in the moment with the girls even if they were mostly more interested in playing than viewing.  Brad surprised us and arrived home from school just in time before the cloud coverage rolled back in.

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