Friday, July 21, 2017


Piper turned 2 the day before Easter this year!!
Which meant nothing more than a day full of activities for the birthday girl!
Our neighborhood had their annual Easter Egg Hunt and festivities, so of course we met our neighbors and took part in all of the fun!

Piper woke up on her birthday with big smiles!
She has become a much happier kid in the past couple of months...
...they call them the terrible 2s, but 2 has been my favorite year for both of our kiddos.  Don't get me wrong... she's still super emotional and has her tough moments, but she seems to be learning a lot of coping skills lately.

It just so happened Piper's birthday was the day April the Giraffe was delivering her baby... remember April the Giraffe?  The famous giraffe that was pregnant for ages and everyone really wondered if she was pregnant or if the zoo just made it up to get everyone's mind off of difficult political times?!  Yeah, she had her baby... I didn't follow her throughout her pregnancy with the exception of friends posting on social media, but I was intrigued {for lack of a better term} by the actual delivery.  Her picture made the "hour-by-hour" photo project I did for each of the girls this year.

We ventured out, just the three of us, to the Easter Egg Hunt in the morning & since this is the first one Piper has had the chance to participate in, there was a slew of emotions for her.  It was a lot for her to handle.  She gets overwhelmed by big to dos, and quite honestly, so do I.  But, she made out like a champ!
Norah moved up a level this year and was the youngest of the older group.  There were a million eggs in front of her to grab, but for some reason she kept running towards the back with the rest of the crowd.  She was pretty disappointed in her collection, but she still made out.
The girls enjoyed getting their face painted and balloon bracelets.
Piper's day was all about flowers.
I didn't think she would take to having her face painted, so the woman suggested her arm.  Piper was so patient while she painted her art.  Is this my child??
We took the girls in to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap.
Piper was excited from afar, but once she was close, she showed every ounce of concern.  I was shocked to see Norah so open to being near him.  She, too, used to hate anything in a costume.  She's growing up so fast!

After a day of fun, we came home so Piper could nap and I could finish frosting her cake.
And then the real fun began!
Cake and presents while we Facetimed with Daddy!
Piper is a lover of all things Peppa Pig!
She could not withhold her excitement when she opened Grandpa Pig's boat.
I was curious to see how Norah handled it being Piper's day to open presents and, needless to say, it went a lot like last year.  Oh, the tough life of a 5 year old. :(

And, to close the night out, I had forgotten that Brad recorded a special birthday video for each of the girls while he was away, so I played it for Piper and she was all smiles!
She loves her Daddy!
She was so little when he left that I'm sure this entire trip has been so confusing for her, but when she does come around and realizes just how much she adores him, it is the sweetest moments full of making hearts with her hands and blowing kisses at the screen.

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