Saturday, July 8, 2017


This has been the busiest week for us since Christmas, I think.
Between the girls birthdays and all of the Easter festivities, I have never had to keep such a tight schedule to ensure everything got done to make the holidays go off without a hitch.

Today we dyed the Easter eggs.
This is always one of my favorite traditions with the girls.
I am so grateful for beautiful Texas weather so we can take everything outside and prevent a jumbo mess in the house.
Norah was always good at not splashing and spilling the dyes, but Piper... oh, I just knew dying eggs inside would be a recipe for disaster.  But, they actually did pretty well considering I wasn't stopping them from making a giant mess.
Green seemed to be the popular color this year.
We had an egg with a heart {which Norah drew} and one egg casualty this year.


Norah is growing up so much.
Looking at these photos, I can see all of the moments where things are more serious for her now.  Somewhere along the way I feel she's losing that toddler free spirit and she is now starting to contemplate more.  She doesn't share every thought with me anymore.  She keeps so much bundled up inside.
I have been noticing it a lot lately, and I thought it had so much to do with the move, but looking at these pictures it became apparent to me that she has been growing up right before my eyes and I was too distracted to notice.
I'm not ready to let go of my baby. :'(

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