Saturday, July 8, 2017


Today, Norah's school hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids who attend the school.  I dropped Norah off & Piper & I went out for lunch with the BFFs.  I didn't tell Norah we were coming back to see her search the field for eggs, so to say she was surprised to see me & Piper standing there, is an understatement.
She came running right up for hugs.

All of the kids brought in Easter eggs for the hunt.
Of course Norah picked out Troll themed eggs.
When she was searching, she was so excited to come across one of her Troll eggs.  I mean, look at that face!!!

I love this stage!
Norah is always so excited by all of the events that her school does.  They really go above and beyond to make the first year so much fun for these kids.  If I could pick this school up and move it with us, I would.  Her teachers are just the sweetest and Norah adores them!

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