Sunday, June 18, 2017


Oh, Bear!  You have been Norah's comfort for so long!
It all began when she was first born and my Aunt Lynne gave Norah pajamas that came with a stuffed giraffe.
Norah LOVED that giraffe from the beginning.
She never took a pacifier for an extended period of time... she didn't have a blankey.  She had her giraffe & she would suck on his little feet to sooth her sleepy self.
It never failed... the second she was tired, the giraffe's foot went in her mouth.  He typically didn't leave the house, she just needed him to fall asleep.
Well, over time the giraffe got grungy, so we replaced him with "Bear."  It was an easy transition for her.  Bear ventured out of the house more often than the giraffe did.  Over time, Bear got grungy and I tried to replace him with Bunny. Norah even picked out the bunnies, but she never wanted them.  They eventually were handed down to Piper who also never wanted them.
Norah only wanted Bear. So, Bear she got.

But, Bear has been sitting in this spot for 3 days.  I intentionally cleaned around him waiting to see if Norah would grab him at bed time, but she never did.

When I was a little girl, I had a pink walrus that was my security blanket.  He went everywhere with me... he even went to college with me {yes, I still slept with a stuffed animal in my 20s}.  I still have "Mookie" the pink walrus.  I give him to the girls to snuggle with at night.  They love him!

So, the end of this stage was a tough one for me.
I know how important a stuffed animal can be for a little girl & this just showed me how fast my baby girl is growing up!
I'm going to miss that grungy old Bear.

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