Saturday, June 17, 2017


It's weird to be sitting here editing snow photos when we're in the middle of June and the heat index here in Texas is going to reach 107 degrees today, but this is the life of a military wife {or, in reality, most any mom}... you only have so many hours in the day, and unfortunately editing takes a back seat... A LOT.


Today was a school day for Norah.
There was snow in the forecast, which put me a bit on edge, but Norah has missed so many days this year from being sick that we couldn't risk keeping her home without any solid proof we were going to get anything more than flurries.
If school was on, she was going.
When we went to pile into the car, the girls were so excited to chase the snowflakes that were so lightly falling from the sky.
I loved seeing them fall in Norah's long brown locks before they quickly melted away.
She caught them on her tongue like a scene from Charlie Brown's Christmas.

I was still so hesitant to send her off to school, and when we arrived, most of the parents heeded with caution and kept their kids home, but it was still only a flurry when we arrived... it quickly grew to a heavy snow right as I dropped Norah off.
As soon as I got home, I called Brad at work to let him know the roads were starting to get slick up our way... luckily, they sent everyone home to beat the weather & when we got the call to pick Norah up early, he was just pulling in the driveway.
Brad has always been a much better driver in the snow than I am and so he went to rescue our little girl!
And, although the roads were nothing compared to Vermont winters, we both quickly realized how far out of practice we have fallen.
Looks like we have no choice but to stay in the South. ;)

The girls were beyond excited to play in the snow!  Norah didn't even come inside before I was getting a coat and mittens on Piper and they were off to jump on the snow covered trampoline.
They jumped, they slipped, they fell... many times.
They made snow angels and dumped snow on each other.
It was a little piece of paradise for them.
The only joy that snow brings me anymore is the big smiles on the girls faces when they get to play in it.
But, this was our only snow fall all winter.
Norah still asks for more snow.
I'm not sure how much snow Jacksonville gets, but I think I can handle once a year... on a Saturday... so I don't have to drive in it. ;)

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