Sunday, June 18, 2017


Tomorrow Brad packs up his Jeep and starts his journey towards his new career.  He will be gone for 5 months while Norah finishes up school here in Texas.
We have never experienced a deployment, so we have no idea how to do our every day without him.  I wanted nothing more than to not have to go down this road and strip the time away, but when you're in the military, it's never about your best interest. 
However, I believe that God has a plan for us and this journey is a step along the path he has paved for us.

There are MANY tasks that Brad takes on... some, I don't even know how to accomplish {anyone want to show me how to start a lawn mower??}... but, one of his favorite tasks is the bedtime routine.  He's so good at it & those girls love their Daddy snuggles.
I captured their last story time with their Daddy for the next 5 months.
I pray that the time goes by quickly & we are all back together again soon!  My stories just don't compare to Daddy's.

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