Monday, June 26, 2017


Today we celebrate 5 years with this cutie!
She is our calm, relaxed, and happy baby.
She is always quick to be my voice of reason when I'm stressed out or rushed whether she's telling me I just have to be patient in traffic or to tell me it's going to be "OK."
She is wise beyond her years, for sure!

Today we had a busy day planned for her.
A few months ago a Hurts Donuts opened in Frisco.
The line was over 2 hours long.
I joked with Norah and told her maybe we could go by her birthday..., we woke up and headed straight over and there was no wait to be seen!
Norah picked out a bubble gum donut, Piper wanted the pinkest one in the case, and I had a carrot cake one for Brad since he couldn't be with us to celebrate this year.

I never head in the direction of Frisco anymore with the amount of construction & traffic, so I figured while we were down there we could make a trip to Ikea to pick up some new kid plates.
I love this store & it was very clear if I had an extra set of hands, we could have spent all day there.  The girls had a blast!

Norah had school in the afternoon, so I made a special trip to get her favorite meal {Happy Meals} and Piper and I joined her for lunch.  Her teachers surprised her with balloons and streamers in her locker & showered her with bubbles at lunch.
Today was bubble day at school, so Norah got to demonstrate her science experiment with me and then we treated her class to Trolls cupcakes.  They sang "Happy Birthday" to her & made her feel like the most special girl in the world!
I love Norah's school &  her teachers!

When we got home, Norah's best friend, Charlotte, and her family joined us in wishing her a Happy Birthday.
I am so glad to have them in our lives!
They have been such a rock for me with Brad being gone at school.
I really couldn't ask for better people in our lives & the fact that they drop everything for our girls to make them feel loved on their birthdays means the world to me.
It is so difficult for Norah to be away from Brad every day... she is such a Daddy's girl.  Mandy knew just how far this little gesture would go for us to not have to celebrate her day alone!  Sometimes it takes a village.  I'm so glad they're our village.

When I was lighting candles for her cake, Norah specifically requested 4 candles because she wasn't ready to grow up, yet.
So, 4 candles she got because, quite honestly, I'm not ready for her to grow up, either.

She loved all of her gifts, but boy oh boy, the bubble machine was a HUGE hit!  She shrieked so loud!
It doesn't take much to impress this one! :D

After getting the girls in bed, I went downstairs and decided to go through Norah's backpack to see if any crafts were sent home.
To my surprise, there was a large envelope with Norah's Kindergarten registration information inside.
It's official... my baby is becoming a little girl.
This mamma cried all of the tears that night.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


This sweet babe is just one day shy of her 5th brithday!
And since she has school tomorrow and a day full of fun, we took advantage of our down time and made her cake a day early.
She is such a big helper in the kitchen... always wanting to learn.
She jumped right on the opportunity to bake her cake.
How does the time go by so fast?
I feel like we were just celebrating her 4th birthday.  It's hard to believe it has been a year already.

Sunday, June 18, 2017



Oh, Bear!  You have been Norah's comfort for so long!
It all began when she was first born and my Aunt Lynne gave Norah pajamas that came with a stuffed giraffe.
Norah LOVED that giraffe from the beginning.
She never took a pacifier for an extended period of time... she didn't have a blankey.  She had her giraffe & she would suck on his little feet to sooth her sleepy self.
It never failed... the second she was tired, the giraffe's foot went in her mouth.  He typically didn't leave the house, she just needed him to fall asleep.
Well, over time the giraffe got grungy, so we replaced him with "Bear."  It was an easy transition for her.  Bear ventured out of the house more often than the giraffe did.  Over time, Bear got grungy and I tried to replace him with Bunny. Norah even picked out the bunnies, but she never wanted them.  They eventually were handed down to Piper who also never wanted them.
Norah only wanted Bear. So, Bear she got.

But, Bear has been sitting in this spot for 3 days.  I intentionally cleaned around him waiting to see if Norah would grab him at bed time, but she never did.

When I was a little girl, I had a pink walrus that was my security blanket.  He went everywhere with me... he even went to college with me {yes, I still slept with a stuffed animal in my 20s}.  I still have "Mookie" the pink walrus.  I give him to the girls to snuggle with at night.  They love him!

So, the end of this stage was a tough one for me.
I know how important a stuffed animal can be for a little girl & this just showed me how fast my baby girl is growing up!
I'm going to miss that grungy old Bear.


When Trolls is life & Mom pre-orders it for release date delivery!


Tomorrow Brad packs up his Jeep and starts his journey towards his new career.  He will be gone for 5 months while Norah finishes up school here in Texas.
We have never experienced a deployment, so we have no idea how to do our every day without him.  I wanted nothing more than to not have to go down this road and strip the time away, but when you're in the military, it's never about your best interest. 
However, I believe that God has a plan for us and this journey is a step along the path he has paved for us.

There are MANY tasks that Brad takes on... some, I don't even know how to accomplish {anyone want to show me how to start a lawn mower??}... but, one of his favorite tasks is the bedtime routine.  He's so good at it & those girls love their Daddy snuggles.
I captured their last story time with their Daddy for the next 5 months.
I pray that the time goes by quickly & we are all back together again soon!  My stories just don't compare to Daddy's.


This year marks 6 years that Brad has been in the Navy!
When he first signed on, he had an extended enlistment, so this is actually the first re-enlistment for him.
He has worked so hard over the past six years with 4 duty stations (soon to be 5), two advancements, 4 NAMs, & countless other awards! 
To say we are proud, is an understatement!
I'm so glad he re-enlisted here in Dallas!
This duty station holds a special place in our hearts and I know it meant a lot to him to have his Commander do the honors of re-enlisting him.
I'm so glad we were able to be there for this special day, too!!
When Piper wanted to be held during Brad's swearing in, his Commander said, "this is a family affair" and picked Norah up, too!  I know that was such a special moment for Brad to have his girls right there with him!