Wednesday, May 17, 2017


My most favorite day of the year!! :D

The girls woke up before the sun, as expected, & were so ready to open gifts.  Brad and Norah never give me enough time to get downstairs to get my camera set for that first reaction.  They are both just far too excited to see what Santa brought!

Santa hid the pickle in the tree.
Norah has been looking forward to finding it ever since we told her the story of getting to be the first to open a present if you find it.  Of course she was on a mission.

Santa always goes WAY overboard for Christmas!
I guess the girls are just extra good throughout the year.
But, I love it!
I never want the fun to end.

I think their favorite gift of the year was the trampoline!
And it has been my favorite, too... it has provided HOURS of entertainment!
We have hit the age for Norah where clothes are a boring gift.
I thought for sure I had until she was almost a teenager for that.
She got one outfit and it received all of the moans and groans.... noted.

After we cleaned up the paper and boxes, we enjoyed our traditional apple baked french toast and spent the day as a family enjoying each other's company!

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