Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This year, St. Nick came to our house 5 days late.
With Brad's work schedule, he would have missed the big surprise, so we waited until the weekend to open gifts.
The girls were just as excited as ever.
St. Nick's Day is one of my favorites and I just LOVE the idea of it being simple and small {especially since we tend to go WAY overboard for Christmas}.
This year, Norah got a Barbie doll {just as she had asked for on her list} and Piper got a Shimmer & Shine DVD {because 2 months after Halloween, the Shimmer & Shine theme song is still her favorite} and they each got a book.
And, of course our ornaments reflect something we love... Trolls for Norah, Shimmer & Shine for Piper, and Texas for me & Brad.
Oh that Texas ornament.  It brought me to tears every time I looked at it.  I really will be leaving my heart in Texas.

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