Friday, March 24, 2017


We were in quite the hurry to get the tree up and decorated this year.  As soon as we got back from Vegas, Brad was packing his bags to travel for work again.  We were promised by his command that he would be back in time for Christmas.  I was certainly holding my breath that there weren't any storms that would delay his trip.
But, the girls were excited to decorate the tree.
Brad hung the lights, as he does every year & the girls found a little spot on the tree to put all of their ornaments while I divvied them up as we went along.
Norah begged to hang the angel on the tree this year.
We told her she could, but next year would be Piper's turn.
She wasn't too keen on that idea, but sharing is caring, right? ;)

These are some of my favorite moments to look back on.
Listening to Christmas carols while the girls enjoy the holidays...
The little moments the girls have with their Daddy that just melts my heart!
I cherish every second of our time together as a family!

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