Thursday, March 23, 2017


The day after we landed in DFW from our trip to Vegas, we packed up the girls and headed to our favorite tree farm to get our Christmas tree.
We can never get Christmas started too early in our house.
It's like cheers of joy as soon as we turn the corner from Thanksgiving because I know all of the traditions are about to unfold & I get to see the girls' eyes light up every time Bing makes an appearance.

When we got to the tree farm, it was packed!!  It was their 2nd day open & Santa even paid a visit.  
The girls were ok with seeing him from a distance.
We took the traditional tractor ride out to the fields.  This is always the girls favorite part.  
We had a really hard time finding a tree that was tall enough this year since all of the best ones weren't available for cutting.  We walked around the entire farm until we finally found our perfect tree!
Piper loved being able to join the hike this year!
She just thought it was all a hoot!

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