Sunday, March 19, 2017


Halloween 2016

This year Norah chose to be Shine from the cartoon Shimmer & Shine {haven't heard of it??  Yeah, I hadn't, either}, but she is obsessed and must have found it on YouTube since we don't have Nickelodeon.
The theme song goes "Shimmer & Shine... ooohhhhhhooohhhh."
It never fails, if you sing the "Shimmer & Shine" part, Piper will follow up with the "ooohhhhhooohhhs!"  She is equally as obsessed as Norah.
So, although I had it in my mind for months that I would make Piper an Abby Cadabby costume from Sesame Street, I couldn't help but drive across the entire DFW area and track down a Shimmer costume days before Halloween to make the duo come to life.  I have never seen her smile so big!

Halloween was a blast this year.
Piper is walking now {actually running to catch up with her sister} and caught quickly on to the idea of running up to complete strangers and trying to get all of the candy.  It was fun to watch her excitement at every door we stopped at.
Norah had more energy to venture through the neighborhood this year, too.  She was always a few steps ahead of her sister & we were out until almost 10pm before coming home and handing out candy to the last of the trick or treaters.
I'm going to miss this neighborhood next year.
Norah got to wear her costume to school & LOVED spraying her hair blue to match the ponytail that came with her costume.

This is the first year I didn't make their costumes & although I was a little sad about it, we had the cutest little genies in the land & that made it worth it!

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