Saturday, March 18, 2017


Every year we wait until the very last minute to carve pumpkins & this year I thought we were pushing it again, but I remembered after a week of our carved pumpkins sitting in the Texas heat why we wait until the night before to carve them.
These bad boys hardly survived.

We skipped the pumpkin patch this year.
It makes me sad to not have those pictures, but Brad was traveling a lot & taking the girls by myself was just a recipe for disaster, so we opted for grocery store pumpkins.

We let the girls paint their pumpkins again this year.
It really is the best option for toddlers.
Norah wanted ALL of the colors, which turned her pumpkin grey.
She picked out a witches face that I carved out.
I have carved better pumpkins in the past... but, meh.
Norah even went as far as to write her name on her pumpkin.
She's learning so much in school and she is such a little artist!
Somebody was less than impressed with me when I took the paint away after 1,000 layers made it on her pumpkin.

Piper had a blast painting her pumpkin pastel colors.
It looked more like an Easter egg than a pumpkin by the time she was done with it! :)

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