Friday, March 17, 2017

09.30.16-10.02.16 {camping in texas}

I have been DYING to go camping since we left Vermont.
When it was just me & Brad, we would go camping all of the time.
We would drive 15 minutes up the road and spend our weekends in the Vermont State Parks just because it was a nice change of pace to our everyday & since we had opposite schedules, venturing far wasn't always an option.
But, we haven't been camping since we had kids...
When we lived in Maryland, the base campground was swarmed with mosquitoes, so I was extra hesitant to take Norah there as a baby.
And then we had Piper shortly after moving here, so we were so hesitant to take her so young, too...
...but, this summer I was determined.
The girls got Brad a new tent for his birthday and we were all so excited to use it!

We decided to stay fairly close to home {about half an hour} just in case our plans went south and our first camping trip didn't go so smoothly for the girls.  And, Norah's school is right in between our home and the campground, so she was still able to go to school every day as we took Piper home to nap, and we got to shower {I know... we were really roughing it}. ;)

Norah was Star Student this week in school & got to bring home the class pet, Sparky, the stuffed dog... so, of course we brought him camping with us!  She was soooo excited to be chosen as Star Student!

This particular campground has campsites where you can drive up or hike in.  I would say, unfortunately for us, the drive up ones were reserved for a Boy Scouts camp, but I think it really was a perk in the end to have to go with the hike in site.  Yes, it was a lot of work wheeling 4 loads of stuff to and from the car, but the sites you hike into aren't directly on top of each other and the views of the lake are stunning.

The girls were so excited to join in and help everyday.
They helped Daddy build the tent, start the fire, and cook dinner.
The girls spent most of their days digging in the dirt... oh my gosh... there was dirt for DAYS!!!

The girls were up with the sun each morning and somehow, Brad managed to still sleep in.  I would try to keep them on the quiet side so they didn't wake him, but they would eventually break into the tent and start crawling on him to start the day.

Norah loved counting the numbers of our campsite & Piper constantly tried to escape.  Norah was such a great helper, leading her back to us.

At the end of each night, we put the girls to bed and Brad and I sat by the fire, enjoying a beer, and watching the sunset.
Texas sure has it's little gems just outside of the city.
I sure hope we're able to do this again.

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