Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Norah participated in her first school performance.
They made their snowman costumes and sang a song for all of the families called "I'm a Little Snowman."

♫ I'm a little snowman,
look at me.
These are my buttons, 1, 2, 3.
These are my eyes and this is my nose.
I wear a hat and scarf.'s cold! ♫
She was absolutely adorable singing to the crowd.
Some of her friends were very animated during the song, but Norah is so timid  at times.  I know she just loves performing... just maybe not in front of so many people.

Norah's best friend Charlotte is in her class & luckily for us, she lives two doors down!!  They have grown so close this year.
I sure hope they stay in touch over the years because they're the cutest when they're together!
Piper is a BIG fan of Charlotte's mommy & immediately went running to her during the performance. 


Norah asked us if we could make snowflakes to hang in her room like we had last year.  Why, of course we can do that!
Brad improved his snowflake making skills this year, Norah's learning how to work with safety scissors more, & I am still clueless in the snowflake making department.
We made an epic mess of paper shreds on the living room floor and I am totally OK with the mess because nothing can replace this memory!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This year, St. Nick came to our house 5 days late.
With Brad's work schedule, he would have missed the big surprise, so we waited until the weekend to open gifts.
The girls were just as excited as ever.
St. Nick's Day is one of my favorites and I just LOVE the idea of it being simple and small {especially since we tend to go WAY overboard for Christmas}.
This year, Norah got a Barbie doll {just as she had asked for on her list} and Piper got a Shimmer & Shine DVD {because 2 months after Halloween, the Shimmer & Shine theme song is still her favorite} and they each got a book.
And, of course our ornaments reflect something we love... Trolls for Norah, Shimmer & Shine for Piper, and Texas for me & Brad.
Oh that Texas ornament.  It brought me to tears every time I looked at it.  I really will be leaving my heart in Texas.


Bing came back this morning with special Santa paper for the girls to write their Christmas lists.
Bing even left a copy of his wish list.
Norah has been learning how to hold a pen correctly & how to write all of her letters at school this year, so it was extra special to see her write out her list to Santa.  I love that she can write her name... she practices all of the time.
Her list included: Barbies, American Girl Dolls {AGD}, Cards, Santa, American Girl Dolls {again}, Wellie Wishers {WW}.  At this age it was so much easier to spell out the acronyms than it was the entire word. ;)
And, let's be honest... Bing's Christmas list may have been my own. ;)

Monday, March 27, 2017


I got a new camera.
It was an early Christmas present to myself {I made Brad wrap the box so I could open it on Christmas morning}. ;)
It is a learning curve to say the least, but I'm in love!
Just playing around and getting the hang of it with these shots.


Ever since we decorated the tree, the girls can't keep their hands off of the ornaments.  Piper wants to eat them all and Norah just keeps admiring all of the decorations.
Norah always seems to have her tongue out these days... always in deep concentration.
I love capturing those little details.
When the girls were done, they sat on the floor, held hands and just had a good laugh.  They are best friends already & I love it!!!

{I deleted our address from this photo of our first home ornament for security reasons... just in case anyone was wondering}

Friday, March 24, 2017


And, to continue with the theme of cramming Christmas into a few days before Brad headed out of town for work, we took the girls to see Santa.
I was so impressed with Norah this year!
Her fears of Santa are finally gone!
She didn't sit on his lap {which was fine because this mama forgot to grab her pretty shoes and she was wearing Toms}, but she gave us a big cheesy smile!!!  Piper on the other hand... she has a few years of tears left in her, I'm afraid.


We were in quite the hurry to get the tree up and decorated this year.  As soon as we got back from Vegas, Brad was packing his bags to travel for work again.  We were promised by his command that he would be back in time for Christmas.  I was certainly holding my breath that there weren't any storms that would delay his trip.
But, the girls were excited to decorate the tree.
Brad hung the lights, as he does every year & the girls found a little spot on the tree to put all of their ornaments while I divvied them up as we went along.
Norah begged to hang the angel on the tree this year.
We told her she could, but next year would be Piper's turn.
She wasn't too keen on that idea, but sharing is caring, right? ;)

These are some of my favorite moments to look back on.
Listening to Christmas carols while the girls enjoy the holidays...
The little moments the girls have with their Daddy that just melts my heart!
I cherish every second of our time together as a family!

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The day after we landed in DFW from our trip to Vegas, we packed up the girls and headed to our favorite tree farm to get our Christmas tree.
We can never get Christmas started too early in our house.
It's like cheers of joy as soon as we turn the corner from Thanksgiving because I know all of the traditions are about to unfold & I get to see the girls' eyes light up every time Bing makes an appearance.

When we got to the tree farm, it was packed!!  It was their 2nd day open & Santa even paid a visit.  
The girls were ok with seeing him from a distance.
We took the traditional tractor ride out to the fields.  This is always the girls favorite part.  
We had a really hard time finding a tree that was tall enough this year since all of the best ones weren't available for cutting.  We walked around the entire farm until we finally found our perfect tree!
Piper loved being able to join the hike this year!
She just thought it was all a hoot!