Friday, February 10, 2017


Happy Fourth of July!!!

The girls had a blast going out in the yard and waving their American Flags around!
I hope they grow up to fully understand the importance of that flag and all of the people who have fought so hard to keep us all safe and free!  That they know that every time Daddy goes away, it is for them.  It is an indescribable feeling to have somebody that you love so much that gives his time and energy to serve others.  I hope the girls will see how much he {and the rest of our sailors and soldiers} have sacrificed for people other than themselves.


We went to our friend's house today for the 4th of July celebrations {as we did last year}.  Norah adores Mr. Allen & he's so helpful in calming her down during the fireworks.
The girls jumped on the trampoline, fed the horses, & Norah stripped down to run through the sprinklers... which was a blast until she stepped on a red ant hill. :(  She was done at that point, but we decided to go outside when we heard the fireworks starting in hopes that she would get in the spirit again.
At that point, Piper was done, too.
There was no coming back from the tears between the two of them due to the booms of the fireworks.
We saw 2 fireworks and packed everyone up and headed home.
Major Fourth of July fail.

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