Sunday, February 5, 2017


It's Father's Day!!

This man is the glue of this family.
I can't say it enough... he is the calm to my storm!
He can easily laugh off nearly any situation, find the good in all of the bad, and showers us with the most love & comfort!!
I don't know where we would be without him!
I love watching him teach the girls how to be better each and every day.  I'm not sure he always knows he's doing it,  but how could they not want to grow to be more like him!?!
Our girls are blessed beyond belief to have a Daddy who loves them more than anything else!
They are going to be so strong and driven if they follow in his footsteps.
It may be tough for them to watch him come and go so much for work, but when they're older they will see how dedicated he was to not only his career, but to providing a good life for his babies.

Today, we took Brad to our second favorite restaurant in DFW, Barley & Board... {actually, this was our first trip, but we will DEFINITELY be back}!  Rumor has it, the actor Jason Lee {you know... Almost Famous, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Mallrats??... to name a few} is a co-owner of this restaurant in quaint little Denton!  How cool is that?!

This restaurant was right up our alley!
Great beer on draft, amazing food, and a super cool atmosphere.
We love finding little spots like this wherever we go.
We are always on the lookout for the local spot over a corporate chain... So, if you ever find yourself in Denton, Texas... check this place out!  You won't be disappointed.

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