Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Piper is a quirky little peanut.
She is a sensitive soul and not much of a cuddler or very affectionate at this age.
She is our baby who needs constant entertainment.
She's the polar opposite of Norah.

Norah is my little performer.
I do more laundry of clothes she has worn for all of 5 minutes playing dress up.
I have been in search of a performing arts group for her because I just know she would blossom with all of that creativity building up inside of her.

But, if there is one thing they both have in common... it's their love of books!!
Piper is obsessed.
She wants me to read 24/7.
She wants me to read the same book over and over again.
There are worse things in the world. ;)

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Norah started pre-school today!
She is sooooo excited!
Everyone asked if I thought I would cry, and really for two weeks leading up to school, I didn't think I would.
I mean, how could I when Norah was grinning from ear to ear with excitement getting to conquer this milestone?!?!

But, alas, the first day of school came with all of it's jitters, and schedules, and lists. Norah was still so excited, carrying her backpack around the house all morning and asking if it was time to leave yet.  I was one strong mama... I thought, "I've got this!"

We pulled up to school, I took her in to the cafeteria to eat lunch, sat down next to her, told her to have a good day, listen, and make new friends.  I had been putting off Piper's normal 10:30am nap until we got home from drop off around 1pm, so I told Norah I had to leave so Piper could nap... that's when the waterfalls came... for me... not Norah.
Norah looked at me with a face full of nerves and said, "you sit in the parking lot, ok??  Don't drive!!!"
Oh man!  Why do we do this to ourselves??
She has been by my side for the last 4 years!!
Now, I have to put somebody else in charge of making sure she is safe and happy??  Somebody I don't even know??
But, luckily for us, Norah got the sweetest lady EVER for preschool!
Everyone is beyond kind and so attentive to the kid's needs!
I will admit, I'm so glad we put her in preschool instead of waiting until Kindergarten.  If I had to wait a full day to hug her without taking this "baby step," I think I would have simply lost my mind.
She already has a best friend and when we picked her up I asked her if she wanted to go back tomorrow...
...She said, "yes!!!" :)

Friday, February 10, 2017


We took Norah out for a "night before school starts" dinner.
We landed at Mellow Mushroom!
Brad and I hadn't been there since we lived in Florida and I was still pregnant with Norah!
It's still as delicious as I remember it being back then.
Norah requested her usual pepperoni pizza and Brad and I tried the brisket pizza.  To.die.for!!!
Tonight is bittersweet for me!
I just can't believe my baby is heading to preschool already!


My sweet girl starts pre-school in TWO DAYS!!


So, of course that meant heading down to one of my favorite places to take {what I hope becomes} her annual school pictures.
I'm excited to see how her facts change over time.
This year her favorite color is hot pink and she wants to be a cake baker when she grows up!  Good choices, if you ask me!

**I just have to say, I see so much of my mom in Norah in these photos**


Being super heros after tubby time is the best!
Piper catching her sister and giving her a big hug is even better.


When the weather isn't great and we can't go outside to play, I blow up the bouncy house so the girls can get some energy out!
By the end of the first hour, it usually just turns into a huge toy box.


Just Norah being Norah.
Brad taught her how to make a heart with her hands.
It's her new favorite thing.


Happy Fourth of July!!!

The girls had a blast going out in the yard and waving their American Flags around!
I hope they grow up to fully understand the importance of that flag and all of the people who have fought so hard to keep us all safe and free!  That they know that every time Daddy goes away, it is for them.  It is an indescribable feeling to have somebody that you love so much that gives his time and energy to serve others.  I hope the girls will see how much he {and the rest of our sailors and soldiers} have sacrificed for people other than themselves.


We went to our friend's house today for the 4th of July celebrations {as we did last year}.  Norah adores Mr. Allen & he's so helpful in calming her down during the fireworks.
The girls jumped on the trampoline, fed the horses, & Norah stripped down to run through the sprinklers... which was a blast until she stepped on a red ant hill. :(  She was done at that point, but we decided to go outside when we heard the fireworks starting in hopes that she would get in the spirit again.
At that point, Piper was done, too.
There was no coming back from the tears between the two of them due to the booms of the fireworks.
We saw 2 fireworks and packed everyone up and headed home.
Major Fourth of July fail.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

06.24.16-06.25.16 - Our Vacation to Broken Bow, OK

Brad came home from work one day all excited about these cabins he found online.
He couldn't wait to show me and had already started making plans with coworkers to book a cabin.
They were beautiful!!
He talked about them for weeks, so us wives took the reigns and found the perfect cabin for our two families.  It was the perfect time to vacation up in Oklahoma before they started a big project at work.

The biggest selling point was it was only 3 hours away!!!
Sign me up!!!

However, 3 hours felt like an eternity for some reason.  Norah had asked every 5 minutes if we were there yet {ok, I think it was every 2 1/2 minutes}.  But, although this made our trip feel so much longer, it was too cute to hear her go through that toddler milestone of "are we there, yet?"

When we finally arrived, everyone was ready to stretch our legs and explore the cabin.
We spent the first night chasing the girls around, and after putting Piper to bed, Norah, Brad, & I took a dip in the hot tub.  Norah had just completed swim lessons, so she was very confident she could swim in the "small pool."

On the second day, the girls were up with the sun... I noticed a little piece of light shining through the front door as I was squinting out of my eyes and trying to figure out how to use a regular coffee machine {oh, the things you forget when you have a Keurig}.
Piper was obsessed with that little sliver of light and the rainbows shining on her feet.  She snuggled on her baby doll and rocked her in the light.  She loves baby dolls & often has one in her arms or handing one over to me to pat her back and give her lovings & then she repays the favor when I hand baby back to her.

I took advantage of the rest of the house sleeping and made everyone pancakes and bacon {which I'm sure was cold by the time everyone woke up}.
We spent our days playing foosball out on the porch, Norah played board games, ate watermelon, and built life sized Lincoln Logs.
Piper ate everything she could find from Goldfish crackers to pine cones.

It was a very lazy weekend.
I knew it would go quick and this mama just wanted to put her feet up and relax...
...well, when I wasn't chasing littles around.
We had a camp fire, relaxed in the hammock, and grilled every day.
It was wonderful, yet far too short!!
I can't wait until the temps aren't in the hundreds again so we can go camping!!