Monday, January 30, 2017


We have a postage stamp size yard.
It's approximately 9 feet wide... and 3 feet of that is taken up by a tree.  

I hate that tree.

Any time the wind blows, branches fall on the roof and then land on the cars.  That tree has done over $800 in damage to Brad's car and sends me on the verge of a heart attack any time we have high winds and heavy rain.
It is my first order of business, since buying the house, to get rid of that tree!!
But, while we wait for the tree cutters to come and take it away, we try to make the best of our itty bitty backyard with a sprinkler.
When Brad isn't home, it is too difficult for me to keep an eye on the girls at the pool.  Norah THINKS she can swim because she took lessons and Piper just wants to run around everywhere, so I don't dare take them near 3+ feet of water solo.
And, although it's not nearly as much fun as the pool... and quite honestly, the girls are afraid of getting hit by the streams of water, it's nice to get some sunshine and cool off on these hot Texas days.

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