Monday, January 30, 2017


I am not a birthday person...
...well, not my own birthday, anyway.
This year, Brad was traveling again for my birthday, so I was pretty down in the dumps that we weren't spending the day as a family & I just had nothing planned for the girls.
Norah kept asking me what I was getting for my birthday and it was really hard explaining to her that I wasn't getting any presents {since in the eyes of a 4 year old, birthdays revolve around presents}.  I just kept telling her being with her and Piper was a big gift in my heart.  Not a good enough answer for a 4 year old, I guess... haha.

But, I tried making the best of the day and took the girls for froyo at our favorite place and then over to a farm in North Texas to feed the animals.  It was a beautiful day and great to get out of the house with the girls.  I find venturing out with 2 to be daunting some days, but totally worth it!

On the way home, there was a ring at the doorbell.
When I answered it, it was Edible Arrangements with delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Brad.
This mama wasn't sharing those with anyone. ;)

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