Sunday, January 29, 2017


After Brad returned home from DET we had a simple birthday party for the girls.
We called up all of our Navy friends, bought some pizzas & a cake {Frozen themed per Norah's request}, and met up at our favorite park.
It really was the easiest, most fiscal, and fun party for both of the girls {ok... the one picture I got of Piper did not look like much fun, but it's because we made her go in the Tula while Norah blew out the candles on their cake}!
April birthdays in Texas are the best!!

And, while Piper napped, I took the opportunity to capture the little details while they're still little.
Norah is obsessed with her bear and when it started getting grungy, I bought her new bunnies to replace it.  She even picked out what animal she wanted in place of bear, but when they arrived, she wanted nothing to do with them, so I handed them off to Piper... apparently, she wanted nothing to do with them, either.  She is not attached to anything... she doesn't need a blanket or a stuffy.  She is content just the way things are.

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