Saturday, January 28, 2017


And, just like that, Piper is 1!!!

It was not my plan to have my baby's birthdays so close together.
When I first heard my due date for Piper, I was nearly in tears.
I was terrified the girls birthdays would be on the same day...
that we would have to spend Norah's birthday in the hospital having {or recovering from having} a baby.
She was our only princess for 3 years... I didn't know how to process the idea of sharing their special days.
But, luckily, Piper held out for 3 extra days.
They may have to share some of the celebrations, but at least they get their own day.  :)

Piper's first year felt like such a blur.
Balancing time between two kids is a whirlwind and I always felt like we were on the go.
The year flew by and time hasn't stood still since.

Piper has been our vocal baby!
She's a screamer and a crier... easily frustrated when things don't go her way.

She was not much of a snuggler in her first year.
Norah would have slept on my chest every chance she had as a baby, but Piper needed her own space in a quiet room.

Piper is our eater.
She's always hungry and our pantry is often bare.

She's our early riser.
Norah will sleep until 9am, but Piper is always up before the sun.

She's a chatterbox.
Babbling from sun up to sun down.

She has taught us a whole new way of parenting that we never experienced with Norah.  We have had to learn a lot of patience with this one.  
She's our little ray of sunshine peaking from behind the clouds.


Piper's big day started off with donuts.
She was in sugar heaven!
We took her 1 year milestone photos and Facetimed with Daddy while she blew out her candle and tried to open presents.
Norah really struggled with handing over the attention to Piper.
I imagine it's extra difficult when you have been celebrating your own birthday for the past week.
So, Norah opened most of Piper's presents, blew out Piper's candle & Piper ate more sweets!

The girls were showered with so much love from Omah and Opah this week.  Opah is so active with the girls... crawling around and helping Piper turn the shopping cart around every time she walked into a wall.  Norah loved playing American Girl Dolls with Omah.  We loved having them here for their celebrations.  

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