Monday, January 23, 2017


Today my first baby turns 4!!!


How did that happen?

She's my sweet, kind-hearted, super smart, American Girl loving little girl!
I could not be more impressed by her!
She shows me each and every day how to be better.
She makes me realize that my loss of patience is typically an overreaction, how easy it is to just love one another, and that if we all just smiled, danced, and laughed, all would be ok with the world!

Three was a big year for Norah.
She became a big sister, she moved into her first "castle" {our first home}, she started a new gymnastics class, and made tons of new friends.  She was potty trained in October 2015!!!  She has grown so much this year!!

We learned this year that "threenager" is a real thing.
Our sweet girl {who never experienced the terrible twos} is learning all about how to control her feelings... and so are we. ;)
She takes after her mom in so many ways {she's stubborn and strong}, but is still very much relaxed like her daddy.
It's a fun combination... emotions are hard and she has learned that this year.


On Norah's birthday, she woke up and made sprinkle pancakes with Omah & Opah {the birthday girl's special breakfast request}.  She helped me make her birthday cake & put up a fight when I asked to take her annual pictures in the antique chair... boy, did that not fit into her agenda for the day.  So, I gave up the fight to even do anything with her hair.  She was dressed... mom win for the day!
Norah is VERY excited to turn 4, but before she went to bed last night she told me she didn't want to grow up because she always wanted to stay my baby!  *big old mom tears right there*
Crazy thing, Norah... I don't want you to grow up, either. 

Keeping a 4 year old away from her birthday cake is hard work.
Norah got into it many times before it was time to blow out the candles and open presents, so it was a mad rush to celebrate before we didn't have any cake left to eat.
Omah and Opah spoiled Norah with Maryellen, the new American Girl Doll.  She has "always wanted" her.
Daddy bought Norah a slew of accessories for her dolls when we visited the store that I'm pretty sure she opened the morning he left.  Brad laid the guilt on himself pretty thick when he found out he wouldn't be home for the girls birthdays.  He has always been a birthday person... loved celebrating every second of the day, so to miss his girls' days weighed really heavy on him this year.

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