Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Brad was traveling for the girls' birthdays this year, so we decided we would celebrate a few days early by taking them down to the American Girl Cafe in Dallas.
It was like a dream come true for Norah!
We grabbed the girls' favorite dolls and headed towards the city.
This was their first trip to the store {with many more to follow}!
I'm not even sure Norah would be this excited about going to Disney World!!  Like a kid in a candy shop, they say!!

Norah had a tic-tac-toe pizza & they came out with a beautiful birthday cake for dessert.  The girls got a gift bag full of birthday surprises for their dolls {which I think I set down somewhere in the store while trying to wrangle Piper... they were so nice to replace one of the two bags}. 

Norah got her doll's hair styled... she even got to pick out the style and the color ribbons she wanted in "Grace's" hair & then we let her pick out an item for her doll.  She picked out an adorable blue "bicycle" outfit from Samantha's line. 

I will admit, although we were celebrating both of the girls special days, the focus was more on Norah since American Girl is very much her thing {of course, over time it has become Piper's, too, but she wasn't so into it when she turned 1}.

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