Monday, January 9, 2017


It had been raining for a few days, so when the sun peaked back out, I was determined to get out with the girls.
Somebody had posted about this hidden little "gem" in the next town over & I was dying to check it out.
It's called the "Chairy Orchard" and it's nestled between two houses in the middle of town, but it's basically somebody's yard with a bunch of chairs scattered throughout.
Every chair you could think of from high chairs to wheel chairs... chairs without bottoms and chairs without backs.
There was even a giant chair that Norah loved climbing on.
The girls had a blast... I probably should have waited until the ground dried up a bit since Piper still wasn't walking at this point, but we had fun anyway.
I even got to try out my Canon ae-1 {film camera} while we were there {last 2 images}.

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