Monday, January 30, 2017


Another beautiful day to be playing outside!


We have a postage stamp size yard.
It's approximately 9 feet wide... and 3 feet of that is taken up by a tree.  

I hate that tree.

Any time the wind blows, branches fall on the roof and then land on the cars.  That tree has done over $800 in damage to Brad's car and sends me on the verge of a heart attack any time we have high winds and heavy rain.
It is my first order of business, since buying the house, to get rid of that tree!!
But, while we wait for the tree cutters to come and take it away, we try to make the best of our itty bitty backyard with a sprinkler.
When Brad isn't home, it is too difficult for me to keep an eye on the girls at the pool.  Norah THINKS she can swim because she took lessons and Piper just wants to run around everywhere, so I don't dare take them near 3+ feet of water solo.
And, although it's not nearly as much fun as the pool... and quite honestly, the girls are afraid of getting hit by the streams of water, it's nice to get some sunshine and cool off on these hot Texas days.


Somebody couldn't make it through lunch.
This is becoming a daily theme...
...time to switch up the nap schedule, I think.
{please note, mac & cheese for lunch... again}


I made the girls watermelon popsicle.
Because it's May... in Texas... which means it's summer temps!
They loved them, but I'm not quite sure what I was thinking letting them eat them on the carpet. ;)


Piper's new favorite foods are pancakes and mac & cheese.
Every.single.meal. is either pancakes or mac & cheese.
This is probably the real reason she has been taking so many sink tubbies.

She has the biggest blue eyes.
I remember as a teenager my best friend had brown hair & blue eyes.
I thought she was the prettiest person, ever!
And I told her that someday, I wanted a brown hair/blue eyed baby!
How lucky am I to have two??!!


I am not a birthday person...
...well, not my own birthday, anyway.
This year, Brad was traveling again for my birthday, so I was pretty down in the dumps that we weren't spending the day as a family & I just had nothing planned for the girls.
Norah kept asking me what I was getting for my birthday and it was really hard explaining to her that I wasn't getting any presents {since in the eyes of a 4 year old, birthdays revolve around presents}.  I just kept telling her being with her and Piper was a big gift in my heart.  Not a good enough answer for a 4 year old, I guess... haha.

But, I tried making the best of the day and took the girls for froyo at our favorite place and then over to a farm in North Texas to feed the animals.  It was a beautiful day and great to get out of the house with the girls.  I find venturing out with 2 to be daunting some days, but totally worth it!

On the way home, there was a ring at the doorbell.
When I answered it, it was Edible Arrangements with delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Brad.
This mama wasn't sharing those with anyone. ;)


Piper's going through this phase where she doesn't care where the food comes from, as long as it's food, it goes in her mouth.
Today, I caught her eating cheetos from the trash can...
{disclaimer before anyone starts judging me as a parent: I had JUST changed out the trash, so it was the ONLY thing in the can and they were all still inside the cheetos bag... she's still alive}. :)

The girls also LOVE playing in the cabinets.
The pots and pans cabinet is their place of choice.
They both fit so nicely in there and Piper loves playing peek-a-boo with her big sister.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


After Brad returned home from DET we had a simple birthday party for the girls.
We called up all of our Navy friends, bought some pizzas & a cake {Frozen themed per Norah's request}, and met up at our favorite park.
It really was the easiest, most fiscal, and fun party for both of the girls {ok... the one picture I got of Piper did not look like much fun, but it's because we made her go in the Tula while Norah blew out the candles on their cake}!
April birthdays in Texas are the best!!

And, while Piper napped, I took the opportunity to capture the little details while they're still little.
Norah is obsessed with her bear and when it started getting grungy, I bought her new bunnies to replace it.  She even picked out what animal she wanted in place of bear, but when they arrived, she wanted nothing to do with them, so I handed them off to Piper... apparently, she wanted nothing to do with them, either.  She is not attached to anything... she doesn't need a blanket or a stuffy.  She is content just the way things are.


I never bathe my babies in the sink, but I have found a quick rinse off in the sink is so much easier than the tub!
Where has this method been all of my life?? ;)
And since Piper likes to wear more food than she typically eats, quick and easy is necessary.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


When you get a car seat for your birthday, the box is the real gift!


And, just like that, Piper is 1!!!

It was not my plan to have my baby's birthdays so close together.
When I first heard my due date for Piper, I was nearly in tears.
I was terrified the girls birthdays would be on the same day...
that we would have to spend Norah's birthday in the hospital having {or recovering from having} a baby.
She was our only princess for 3 years... I didn't know how to process the idea of sharing their special days.
But, luckily, Piper held out for 3 extra days.
They may have to share some of the celebrations, but at least they get their own day.  :)

Piper's first year felt like such a blur.
Balancing time between two kids is a whirlwind and I always felt like we were on the go.
The year flew by and time hasn't stood still since.

Piper has been our vocal baby!
She's a screamer and a crier... easily frustrated when things don't go her way.

She was not much of a snuggler in her first year.
Norah would have slept on my chest every chance she had as a baby, but Piper needed her own space in a quiet room.

Piper is our eater.
She's always hungry and our pantry is often bare.

She's our early riser.
Norah will sleep until 9am, but Piper is always up before the sun.

She's a chatterbox.
Babbling from sun up to sun down.

She has taught us a whole new way of parenting that we never experienced with Norah.  We have had to learn a lot of patience with this one.  
She's our little ray of sunshine peaking from behind the clouds.


Piper's big day started off with donuts.
She was in sugar heaven!
We took her 1 year milestone photos and Facetimed with Daddy while she blew out her candle and tried to open presents.
Norah really struggled with handing over the attention to Piper.
I imagine it's extra difficult when you have been celebrating your own birthday for the past week.
So, Norah opened most of Piper's presents, blew out Piper's candle & Piper ate more sweets!

The girls were showered with so much love from Omah and Opah this week.  Opah is so active with the girls... crawling around and helping Piper turn the shopping cart around every time she walked into a wall.  Norah loved playing American Girl Dolls with Omah.  We loved having them here for their celebrations.