Monday, April 10, 2017


It's Christmas Eve...
which means, stuff as much Christmas events into one day as possible!

Today we made Christmas cookies to leave for Santa.
Sugar cookies are probably my least favorite cookie to make, but I have the most fond memories of making them as a child that I can't help but to carry on the tradition with the girls.
Norah and Brad did all of the rolling and cutting while Piper ate the cookie cutters and I captured the moments.
I love every little inch from head to toe covered in flour & they both loved sending sprinkles everywhere to add the final touches to their cookies.

While we waited for the first batch to bake the girls had a marshmallow fight in the kitchen.
I'm going to go ahead and blame Brad for that one.
They loved it, though... so many giggles echoing throughout the house.

While the second batch baked, we tracked Santa on his journey around the world.  Just a few more hours until his big arrival!

And we closed out the night with the traditional 'Twas the Night Before Christmas reading from Daddy.  I love this moment where both girls are cuddled up on Brad's lap with so much excitement for Santa to arrive!!

And, off to bed they went with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Christmas is just around the corner and we are soaking up every second of extra play and Opah snuggles!!
When Norah was itty bitty, I bought her the Little People nativity {big debate in our house... is it pronounced NAH-tivity or NAY-tivity??}.  Piper LOVES playing with it, putting the angel on top of the manger and playing "Away in a Manger" each time.  It was an easy hour of entertainment for her.

Brad's sister got the girls matching PJs at Thanksgiving.
Our kids have their daddy's hips... we always need smaller pants. haha.


Whenever Brad's parents are in town, they treat us to one of our favorite restaurants in the area, Pizzeria Testa.
It is always such a great time down on the square at Christmas.
It is decorated with lights that play to the local radio station & we get to watch the horse and carriage go by while we wait to be seated.  
It's never a short wait, but with good company, it's always enjoyed.
Norah was so lady like using her knife and fork to eat her dinner.

Friday, April 7, 2017


We live in the most adorable little community with an amazing HOA who puts on the best events throughout the year.
This year we were surprised to find out {very last minute} that our local Deputy was escorting Santa around the neighborhood.
When we heard he was hitting our street, we ran out the door {messy faces and all} with our neighbors and close friends so we wouldn't miss him!
I am so amazed at how excited Norah is to see him this year!
She was the first kid to run up and give him a hug!
It's such a big change from last year.
Piper was still skeptical and stayed back with the adults.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Norah participated in her first school performance.
They made their snowman costumes and sang a song for all of the families called "I'm a Little Snowman."

♫ I'm a little snowman,
look at me.
These are my buttons, 1, 2, 3.
These are my eyes and this is my nose.
I wear a hat and scarf.'s cold! ♫
She was absolutely adorable singing to the crowd.
Some of her friends were very animated during the song, but Norah is so timid  at times.  I know she just loves performing... just maybe not in front of so many people.

Norah's best friend Charlotte is in her class & luckily for us, she lives two doors down!!  They have grown so close this year.
I sure hope they stay in touch over the years because they're the cutest when they're together!
Piper is a BIG fan of Charlotte's mommy & immediately went running to her during the performance. 


Norah asked us if we could make snowflakes to hang in her room like we had last year.  Why, of course we can do that!
Brad improved his snowflake making skills this year, Norah's learning how to work with safety scissors more, & I am still clueless in the snowflake making department.
We made an epic mess of paper shreds on the living room floor and I am totally OK with the mess because nothing can replace this memory!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


This year, St. Nick came to our house 5 days late.
With Brad's work schedule, he would have missed the big surprise, so we waited until the weekend to open gifts.
The girls were just as excited as ever.
St. Nick's Day is one of my favorites and I just LOVE the idea of it being simple and small {especially since we tend to go WAY overboard for Christmas}.
This year, Norah got a Barbie doll {just as she had asked for on her list} and Piper got a Shimmer & Shine DVD {because 2 months after Halloween, the Shimmer & Shine theme song is still her favorite} and they each got a book.
And, of course our ornaments reflect something we love... Trolls for Norah, Shimmer & Shine for Piper, and Texas for me & Brad.
Oh that Texas ornament.  It brought me to tears every time I looked at it.  I really will be leaving my heart in Texas.