Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We belong to a few play groups in the area.
It keeps us busy, gets us out of the house, and allows us all to interact with new people.
It's so good for Norah.
I have seen her grow so much lately at these play groups.
She used to always play by herself at the parks or at other's homes... never really acknowledging that we were there to interact with other kids.  But, lately she has been finding a friend or two and really clinging to them.  The other night it was two older, elementary aged boys...  Oh my.  But, from time to time she will find a girl she wants to hang out with.  I love watching her grow and branch out with other kids.

Today, we went to a Valentine's themed play date at the trampoline park.  Norah had a blast & even found a friend by the end.
We made a box together to collect Valentine's in {I have officially decided that Kindergarten & Elmer's glue is going to be the death of me} & she got so many Valentines from her friends.  She was thrilled to feel so loved & oh so sad to leave!!


It has been on the chilly side lately due to the winter rains we have been getting.
I needed to get the girls out of the house, so we finally checked out a hands on Science Museum in the area which I have been considering getting a membership to for the girls.
Norah had a blast running around playing with everything on display.
The theme this month was Atoms.  
The concept was a little advanced for her, but it didn't stop her from experimenting.
Piper wanted to crawl around, so I took them to the back where she could build her own castle with the giant foam blocks.
Norah played with the bubbles and the music maker.
We really enjoyed the time spent there... Norah could have played all day if it weren't for closing time.

After the science museum, we had a play date with other photographer moms to get out and shoot some Valentine's Day themed photos of our kids.
It was pretty wet and muddy making it extra hard to get any cute pictures in the "grass," but we made the best of it and had a good time with the other mamas and kiddos.


Norah and her Magic Clip Princess dolls.
She loves them.  I don't think a day goes by that she doesn't play with them.
Obsessed is an understatement.

Now that Piper is getting around and getting into Norah's toys, I tend to tell her to play up on the table so that Piper can't reach her things and interrupt her play time.
It is rare if every surface in our home isn't covered with Norah's toys these days.  
There isn't a table in our house that isn't an activity table at this point.
I tend to regret asking her to play away from Piper & taking over every available surface in our home. ;)

I think Piper is always thinking, "feed me!!!"
She takes after her daddy... she has an appetite to the moon and back, yet, I still haven't figured out where she puts it all.
I hope she has the metabolism her daddy has, too.

Piper - 9 months - 01.15.16


Just another day in the DeRoo household...


Piper is becoming more and more mobile with each passing day.
In turn, Norah has become more and more possessive of her toys.
But, when Norah is distracted by Play-Doh, or PBS, or an iPad, it is fair game for Piper to break into Norah's beloved toys.

Norah LOVES bags, buckets, baskets... basically anything she can carry all of her things around in.  At some point the Halloween pumpkin made a grand appearance into the everyday toys again.
And, Piper found it along with a little pocket of light coming through the front door as the sun set.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We were given a photo challenge in our photo moms play group.
We were supposed to sit our kiddos down and continuously snap photos of them for 90 seconds, capturing their different reactions.
Piper didn't seem too interested... she just wanted puffs.
Norah is getting to the age where she can't be bothered to have me take pictures of her. :'(
She just wanted to dance around and be Elsa.
But, they both appeased me for a full 90 minutes... or close to it.


Piper is almost 9 months old.
It's hard to believe how quickly this year is going by.
She is growing so fast... so much faster than Norah did, it seems.
Unlike Norah at this age, she is an eater of all things solid {with the exception of nursing}.
Norah loved purees.  Any fruit or vegetable, as long as it was whipped up, she would eat it, but Piper... she's on the other side of the equation.  
She will only eat foods that are still in solid chunks.
It's the funniest thing to watch their similarities and differences.
I remember giving Norah puffs for the first time and freaking out because Brad was traveling and she kept choking on them.
Piper, she has it figured out, though... even without teeth. ;)


Norah has hit the stage where she is just obsessed with the Disney princesses.
She LIVES in her Anna dress... around the house, to the store, to bed!  I swear, it's glued to her at this point.
But, now that Santa brought her new dresses, it's like an all day fashion show & dance party!
The entryway has been deemed "the ballroom" per Norah &, at her request, the audience {Brad, Piper, & myself} typically have to sit on the stairs to watch the show.
But, often times, she requests a dance partner and although we typically take turns, tonight she wanted to dance with her daddy!!
Piper crawled around exploring her surroundings in the interim. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


One more year behind us!
We invited our friends up to join in the festivities of the New Year...
...the difference between New Years Eve with kids vs. sans kids... the celebration never goes until midnight.  We ordered Chinese Food and enjoyed the company and everyone parted ways to get the babies to bed on time.

We turned on the King Julian New Years Eve Countdown on Netflix for the girls, so we could put them to bed at a decent hour & we barely made it to midnight ourselves.
New Years Eve gets harder each year.