Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Norah is OBSESSED with pancakes.
She could eat them!!
So, upon her request {because they are not my favorite meal to make}, we made pancakes together.  I did the measuring & Norah did all of the adding of ingredients and the stirring.
Piper shares Norah's love of pancakes.  She cleared out that entire tray {she has an appetite like her daddy}!

For Norah's first Christmas we made salt dough ornaments with friends.
One of those ornaments had Norah's hand print pressed into it... it was her gift to her Daddy.
We thought it would be a great tradition to share with Piper & Norah got to update her ornament at age 3!  We made some fun shapes with the leftover dough.
After they finished baking, Norah had a blast painting her ornaments.

And to finish off our day, we continued the tradition of going to our favorite pizza shop in Frisco and checking out the light show down on the square.


I am not at all surprised that Piper LOVES the tree!
She is in awww by the colorful lights and is working oh-so-quickly to bring the tree down.
Meanwhile... while Piper was undecorating the tree, Norah was in the kitchen making herself pancakes.  I have my hands full with these two. ;)


Today we spent the morning decorating our tree.  
I forgot how difficult this task is with a tiny one scootching around, but Piper spent most of the time observing as Norah performed and played.  
Norah did help decorate for a good while.  It's always funny to see a bunch of ornaments in one spot.  

We kept with tradition and let Norah help daddy hang the angel on the tree.  It will be interesting to see how next year plays out (if Piper is even interested in placing the angel on the tree next year).  I must say, if I thought our tree was perfect last year, it has met it's match this year.  I love our little Texas tree farm & their picture perfect, pruned trees.