Sunday, May 1, 2016

12.6.15 {Saint Nick's Day}

It is officially Christmas season!
It is the best time of the year & I love kicking it off with Saint Nick's Day!  
Norah is starting to understand holidays and presents this year.
She was so excited when she went to bed last night {yes, she wears her Anna dress 24/7... she is obsessed} & she woke up at 6am because she knew Saint Nick would leave her gifts and chocolate in her wooden shoes.
I love that the holidays have meaning to her now!

Saint Nick brought her the movie Inside Out & a book.
Piper got a mirror which will be perfect for our trip out to Nevada in a few weeks!
They both got their ornaments and we even made an ornament with Piper's hand print, just as we had with Norah for her first Christmas.