Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I love mornings like this when the girls will lay side by side and watch a movie while mommy gets stuff done around the house.
Norah is still getting used to having a sister around.
Piper is becoming more and more mobile each day, which means she has started grabbing for Norah's toys and Norah has become more and more protective of her things.
But, it is very obvious that she loves her little sister... especially when she asks to snuggle her.
It just melts this mama's heart!

I have to admit, I have introduced Norah to my favorite cereal from when I was a little girl.  More specifically Boo Berry, but they had all of the flavors including Frankenberry and Count Chocula at the store, so we had to try them all.  They only come out at Halloween and I get super nostalgic when I see them on the store shelves.

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