Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015 {11.26.15}

Every year I get more and more excited for Thanksgiving.

Let's rewind... Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday.
I hate the placement of it.
Brad and I always joke that it should be moved to Valentine's Day... he would just like a second Thanksgiving instead of Valentine's Day, but I would love for it to be moved out of November and over to February.  It gets in the way of Christmas, in my opinion.
I would LOVE 4 extra weeks to celebrate and decorate for Christmas and not have to worry about "skipping over Thanksgiving."
But, I don't make the rules here... so, I guess I just have to deal. ;)

But, like I said, I get more and more excited for Thanksgiving each year because I get to share one of my favorite memories of my mom with my own babies... the Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!
For weeks leading up to the parade I showed Norah clips of the Rockettes.  She would dance around the living room doing leg kicks.  My heart swelled 3 sizes from the sight of her excitement!
I always had big dreams of being a Rockette one day... God had other plans when he made me 5'2". ;)

Just like I did on Norah's first Thanksgiving, I propped Piper up in front of the TV so she could enjoy the show, too.  Norah danced around, watched videos on the iPad, and helped Daddy cook our contribution to the Thanksgiving meal... and everyone let Mommy watch the parade.  They all know me so well. :)

We loaded everyone in the car that afternoon and ventured to our Navy friends' house to celebrate with everyone who couldn't be with family for the holiday.  I love that about the Navy.  You're never alone!

The kids played... Norah played dress up while Piper played Legos.
The adults chatted & chased after crawling babies.
We ate a yummy meal... Piper shared my plate {don't even try giving her purees.  She wants the real deal}.
And, with full bellies, we headed back home to find Bing, our Elf on the Shelf, waiting patiently in the entry way.
Norah was SOOOO excited to see he had returned this year.
She did ask if Daddy put him in the light, though.  Really, sweet girl??  We're starting this already?? ;)

And, to close out the night, Brad and Norah made a snowflake banner for her bedroom.  I need to go back to kindergarten because I was not very good at making my snowflakes. 

But, Thanksgiving was a memorable one and now I look forward to all of the lights and glitter of the Christmas season!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Piper - 7 months - 11.15.15

Piper turned 7 months old today.
I followed the tradition of putting her in the dress my mom had bought my niece before my mom passed away.  Bryn was only 4 months old at the time.  When Norah was born, Bryn had long outgrown that dress {she was 7 in 2012} so it was passed down to Norah.

Piper must be just a smidge bigger than Norah {and, if I remember correctly, we squeezed Norah into it last minute... I may or may not have buttoned the back}.
I'm glad we didn't have to do that with Piper.
It's the sweetest dress, but I just can't bring myself to let my kids wear it other than in these photos.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I love mornings like this when the girls will lay side by side and watch a movie while mommy gets stuff done around the house.
Norah is still getting used to having a sister around.
Piper is becoming more and more mobile each day, which means she has started grabbing for Norah's toys and Norah has become more and more protective of her things.
But, it is very obvious that she loves her little sister... especially when she asks to snuggle her.
It just melts this mama's heart!

I have to admit, I have introduced Norah to my favorite cereal from when I was a little girl.  More specifically Boo Berry, but they had all of the flavors including Frankenberry and Count Chocula at the store, so we had to try them all.  They only come out at Halloween and I get super nostalgic when I see them on the store shelves.