Friday, February 26, 2016


Piper has been enjoying a lot of tummy time lately.
She is pushing herself up on her knees and rocking back and forth trying so hard to get the momentum to crawl.

Norah has been warming up to Piper more.  She still loves her time alone and is very protective of her toys... not quite ready to share them with Piper, but she is enjoying the fact that Piper is becoming more mobile and she can have a full time friend... sometimes.
She is convinced that everything that has been passed down to Piper is still hers, but she's working on sharing them with her little sister... But, sharing that iPad... that's probably never going to be OK with Norah.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It is no secret that Norah loves My Little Pony!
She requests a new one every single time we go to the store.
She has an entire tote full of My Little Pony toys.
It's her first full on obsession.

When I asked her over the summer what she wanted to be for Halloween, she told me Applejack... then it later changed to Rainbow Dash... and back to Applejack.  So, since she couldn't be both Applejack & Rainbow Dash, we asked who Piper should be & she decided Piper would go as Rainbow Dash.
I had so much fun making these costumes for the girls.
Norah was just over the moon for her costume.
She loved the puffy dress & the cowboy hat.
Piper... well, she wasn't too fond of the get-up, but she was the cutest Rainbow Dash I ever did see.

We packed the wagon with blankets to help Piper block the October chill.  She slept for most of the walk while Norah went door to door filling her bucket with candy.
I was shocked when Norah told us she was done Trick or Treating just before the sun set.  We thought she would want to go all night, but I really think she was just so anxious to get home and check out everything she got.
She had enough candy to last us through Christmas.

I know I have said it before, but I LOVE our neighborhood.
We had a great time meeting new neighbors and felt so at home walking among the trick-or-treaters.
I think this will be the hardest place for us to leave.


This child...

...she is OBSESSED with the iPad.
She could watch YouTube videos ALL day about Magic Clip Princess Dolls, Play-Doh, and Frozen if we would let her.
She also loves the stairs.
She will often times ask us to sit on the stairs with her to watch her dance in her "ball room" {i.e. the entryway} or just to play.

These pictures pretty much sum up her favorites right now... iPads, stairs, dress up, & bare feet.

Monday, February 1, 2016


When you walk into our home, you may trip over princess dresses & My Little Ponies.  We will most likely still be in our PJs.  Norah will ask you to play with her in her sweet little voice... "you wanna play with me??"  It can be really hard to turn down.  You may even trip over a baby who is learning to crawl.
The girls are little balls of energy.
Piper is always wanting to play with Norah, but Norah doesn't always want to give up her freedom and alone time.  She is obsessed with YouTube videos on the iPad.  But, when she wants to play with Piper, the giggles and belly laughs that come out of those little ladies fill the room with so much love!
I know they won't always get along, but I will forever cherish the moments they do.  I pray that one day they will be the best of friends & remember these moments when they loved each other unconditionally.