Saturday, January 9, 2016


Last night we were watching the news... as I frequently do.
There was a segment about a little girl in Fort Worth who was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia {a bone marrow disorder} & the Fort Worth Police Department was putting on an event encouraging people to come out to be tested for a bone marrow match.
We have done this in the past.  It's a simple swab of the cheek, but we had never been selected as a match before.
This news segment really spoke to Brad.
We talked about going to have our cheeks swabbed for this little girl.
It was the least we could do.
So, in the morning, we loaded the girls in the car & headed west to Fort Worth.
Poor Brad wanted so badly to try to help this sweet girl, but there are rules against him entering the database... work stuff... you know.
So, I put my DNA in the database again & hope and pray that someday I can be a match for somebody, if not for Hallie.

They had tents set up with face painting & balloon animals, a stage & loud music.
Norah wanted to partake in all of it.
So, she chose a pretty purple butterfly to be painted on her cheek {which she quickly smeared as it dried} & had a giraffe with a heart made out of balloons.
When she saw other kiddos running around and dancing on the stage, she wanted to join in the fun.  The police department was great and so open to her joining the other kids up on stage.  They offered her a stuffed animal & of course she chose the big fluffy heart to bring home.  She loves that heart!!

After Hallie's event, we decided to make more of our trip to Fort Worth and finally went down to the Stockyards.  We did some window shopping, Norah played on the quarter machines & pet some horses.  We had some dinner and headed home.
It was a beautiful day in Fort Worth.


If you are curious about Hallie's journey & want to see if you are a match, here is a link to {her Facebook page}.  Three months since this event and they still haven't found a match for her, but there is a post with a link on how to have a kit sent to your home to test as a match.  The woman that helped me at the event told me she has donated her bone marrow on two occasions.  Once, she was 7 months pregnant.  She said it's fairly painless and an outpatient procedure {in case you were wondering}. :)  I can't encourage everyone enough to put your name in the database.  My mom was lucky enough to have a match to rely on had she been well enough to get the transplant.  I just can't imagine not being able to have that somebody to rely on.  Out of the billions of people in the world, there has to be a match for Hallie & I pray that family finds one soon.
Please order a kit!!! :)

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