Thursday, November 12, 2015


Before we bought our house, we knew we wanted to live in this neighborhood.  It is all about families & just across the highway from the development we had leased in for a year.
When we drove through there were kids playing at the parks, older kids out in the streets tossing a football, and families out in front of their homes riding their bikes & scooters around.  I felt comfortable here & knew I wanted a place that our kids would have friends to play with.

Norah has made a few good friends here, too.
I just love that we can go to the playground or the pool almost every day.
We have a great park just around the corner from our house & we try to stop there after our walks.  Norah asks for it the entire way.
And, the last stop is to visit with the horses behind our house.

Our park has a lot of things that spin.
My personal favorites are the spinning "bowls" (for lack of a better name).
Norah hates them.  Every time I encourage her to try them, she cries to get her out!!  
She's a swing and slide kind of girl.
She was not happy that I kept stopping when pushing her to take pictures.

Piper slept most of the time while Norah and I ran around, but when she woke up she enjoyed laying out on a blanket, under the shade of the trees, watching her big sister play.

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