Thursday, November 12, 2015


When we lived in Maryland, Norah participated in Mommy/Daddy & Me gymnastics.
She loved it!
We all looked forward to Saturday mornings at the gym!

It took us a good year to find an activity that fit Norah here in Texas.
We tried dance classes over the summer & we decided, after a month, that she just wasn't ready for a class where she needed to follow strict instruction.  So, we knew we weren't ready to put her in an instructor led gymnastics class, either.

Today, our play group went to an open gym at this gymnastics center.
Norah had a blast with her friends on all of the trampolines, playing with the parachute, & walking across the balance beams.
She was back in her element.
So, we signed her up for the Mommy/Daddy & me classes for at least this year.
I think she'll be ready for instructor led classes after preschool starts.

Piper loves to nap while being worn while Norah runs around doing forward flips, kart wheels, and bear crawls.  It's a win/win for both of them.

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