Friday, September 4, 2015


One of the playgroups we belong to had a Princess & Prince themed meetup at Krispy Kreme.  Since Norah owns one princess costume, she went as Anna from Frozen.  Piper went as her cute self.  Brad and I went with empty bellies ready to eat donuts.

Ever since I went to college, people have told me how amazing Krispy Kreme donuts are.  They seriously salivate over the thought.  I had tried them once all the way back then & didn't understand the hype.  Then, I was told I had to try them straight out of the oven while they're still piping hot.  Ok... I'll bite.  I went. I tried.  They're still "okay."  I just don't think I'm much of a donut person.

But, I loved this get together.
It was so much fun seeing the kids in their costumes and the looks on the faces of everyone who didn't quite understand why all of these princesses and princes were running around Krispy Kreme.
All of the kiddos loved watching the donuts on the conveyor belt & loved filling their bellies with sugary goodness.  Everyone had sticky faces and sticky fingers by the time we left.

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