Friday, September 4, 2015


Norah is a quiet little soul {sometimes}.
She can tip toe through the house like nobody's business.
She shows up on the side of our bed first thing in the morning without a peep, she sneaks up on me when I'm indulging in something chocolatey in the kitchen that I don't want to share, and she goes off to a quiet spot in the house for "Norah time".
On this particular day, I had spent the better part of my day downstairs cleaning.  I hadn't heard her in quite some time, so I snuck upstairs to find her playing so sweetly with her dollhouse.

It's amazing how much she has grown.
When she got this dollhouse two Christmases ago, she could sit in the top floor.  I miss those days, but I cherish these moments when she thinks nobody is watching.

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