Sunday, August 9, 2015

Piper - 3 months - 07.15.15

I made the little grey and yellow dress before Norah was born.
I loved that dress and it was one of few items I saved from Norah's baby wardrobe.
I thought today would be a great day to take pictures of Piper in it, but I seem to have missed that bus.  It was more of a shirt on her, so I changed her into another romper that used to be Norah's.  I just may cry when she doesn't fit into that one anymore.   It's one of my favorites!!  I felt like Norah fit into her newborn clothes for MONTHS, but Piper just flies right through the sizes.  She's so long & almost out of the 0-3 month stage.  She's in the 97th percentile for her length .  She doesn't get that from me.
Norah is in the 7th percentile for her weight.  She doesn't get that from me, either. ;)

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