Thursday, August 6, 2015

Piper {06.27.15}

What can I say? This baby is such a joy!
She loves attention.
If you shoot her a smile, she sends one back, two fold!
She has the most adorable laugh.
She's an excellent sleeper, sleeping right through Norah's high pitch conversations with her dolls {Norah got my volume... sorry, kiddo}!
She really only cries when she's mad {which is whenever you aren't sitting directly in front of her AND looking at her}.  But, I think that is nature's way of telling me that this is all going by way too fast & not to blink.  She's telling me that my photo editing & Facebook updates can wait until another day.  Her baby days will be over in a flash & I know it!
So, I sit here, after putting the girls to bed, catching up on the blog & trying to capture as many moments of these baby days as possible.

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