Monday, August 24, 2015


A few months ago, I took the girls on a play date with a local mom's group.
It was our first play date & I didn't know a single mom, but I decided that Norah has an abundance of energy & keeping us cooped up in the house wasn't getting us anywhere except stressed & frustrated.  So, I took the plunge and put myself out there in hopes to fit in.
I met a few moms there, but really hit it off with one mom in particular.
She invited me to join her mom's group & I'm so glad she had.
We have been a part of so many of their play dates & I love all of the moms in the group!

Today, we threw an ice cream social at the local splash pad!
The temperatures were 101 degrees with a heat index of 110.
The cooler full of ice wasn't of much help.
Our ice cream was melted within seconds of hitting our spoons.
But, it was worth it & while us moms got together to chat,
the kiddos splashed around and played on the playground.
Brad's on night shift, so I had the extra set of hands to run after Norah while I kept an eye on Piper in the shade.

These moms are amazing!
They are such a great support system & wonderful company while Brad is off working such strange hours.
I love that Norah has made new friends {although, she still is very content just going off and doing her own thing}.
It is the groups like these that make moving every so many years so difficult.
I'm glad we have a few more years to spend with all of these ladies and we get to watch our kiddos grow together.

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  1. this makes me so so so happy Kalen! Mom friends are essential to happiness!!! & Norah's top knot! Kill me now its too adorable!!! these pictures make me want to play too!! & is your hair pulled back or cut?? either way you look fabulous as do my sweet nieces!