Sunday, August 9, 2015


Man, oh, man!!!
Where do I even begin??
Growing up in PA, we had a Rita's Italian Water Ice in every town.
It was our go-to treat in the summers.
Forget ice cream, this is where it was at!!
We would all meet at one, sit on the hoods or trunks of our cars and indulge!!
I have fond memories of going with my mom.
Mango was our favorite!!

It turns out there isn't a Rita's in Vermont.
I went 10+ years with only having them on the rare occasion I would get to stop at one on my visits in PA.
It was the one place I missed most while living in Vermont.

Fast forward a few years when we moved to Maryland.
YES!!!  We had one a mile up the road!
It was my little diamond in the rough in Maryland.
It made me happy!!

When we got our orders to move, of course I Googled to see where the closest one would be to us here in Texas... turns out there are two nearby.  And yet, it took me over a year to visit them.
They're close, but certainly not close enough for a regular treat.

But, we were long overdue & with the hot temps outside, we needed an indoor location to go and a cool treat to pass the time.
So, I gathered up the photo moms (most of which had never even heard of Rita's) & planned a get together at one of the local franchises.
Brad happened to have the day off, so he joined us on the little outing.

Norah wanted a taste of everyone's treats.
First her twist with sprinkles, then my Florida Orange Gilati, & then topped it all off with Brad's Root Beer Gilati.
I think she missed it as much as I have!!

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