Sunday, August 9, 2015


Today was the first REALLY hot day of the summer.
I had a doctor's appointment in the morning which, as usual, the girls tagged along for.
Somehow I got the times mixed up and was a good hour and a half early.
The girls behaved so well on this visit up until nap time rolled around.
Poor Norah was done.  She was ready to get out of that doctor's office as much as I was.
So, since nap time had come and gone & Norah had to endure yet another doctor's appointment with me, I decided to meet a few other photo moms for ice cream at a cute little mom & pop stand.

It was hot.
The kids chased each other around.
Norah was smitten over Sam {a boy who lives in our neighborhood and is 2 years older}.
The ice cream melted... FAST!!!
We were all red in the face.
Summer has arrived.

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