Saturday, August 8, 2015


I was a little sad when the 4th of July rolled around this year.
Last year we spent it at Brad's sister's house, surrounded by family & their awesome neighbors.  The kids had a snowball fight in July in Texas.
It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
It hit me that they don't live in San Antonio anymore and we can't just drive to their house anymore to celebrate all of the holidays together.
I am so glad we had the past year to visit with each other.
It was a blast while it lasted.
Now our visits will be a bit further and farther between, but I cannot wait to jump on a plane and see all of those smiling faces again!!

Anywho... here I am getting all sappy.
This 4th of July, we were invited to Brad's coworker's house for dinner, cupcakes, and some fireworks.
Let me tell you a bit about Texas.
There aren't any fireworks laws unless you live in a town that bans them like we do {and I'm so glad our town does... we can actually sleep at night and not have to worry about them waking our kiddos every 5 minutes.  Man, we're old!!}
But, just down the street, our friends live in a development where they are completely and 100% legal for the residents to shoot off.
People spend a FORTUNE on fireworks.  There were hundreds going off at the same time, some directly in front of us & we had a view of the town's fireworks.
It was insane!
Allen & Brittney used all of their fireworks on Norah.
She was terrified of the poppers that you throw on the ground.
She kept asking Allen to "please, stop that" and "no more, ok?"
Piper didn't seem to be phased by the loud booms.
By the end of the night, she was sleeping in our arms.
I tried to get a picture of Brad with his girls... nobody was having it.  haha

Although, Norah was scared of the fireworks at first, it got better as the night went on.
She's often times afraid of things until she gets her feet wet & then she can't get enough of it!
Norah feels very protected by Allen.  If he was close by, all was ok.
When she was nervous, he took her for a piggy back ride around the block to see what the neighbors had to set off.  She came back happy and excited to watch the fireworks.
The entire way home she told us to "LOOK" out into the distance at the sky being lit up by fireworks.
It was a wonderful night with great friends!

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