Monday, August 24, 2015


A few months ago, I took the girls on a play date with a local mom's group.
It was our first play date & I didn't know a single mom, but I decided that Norah has an abundance of energy & keeping us cooped up in the house wasn't getting us anywhere except stressed & frustrated.  So, I took the plunge and put myself out there in hopes to fit in.
I met a few moms there, but really hit it off with one mom in particular.
She invited me to join her mom's group & I'm so glad she had.
We have been a part of so many of their play dates & I love all of the moms in the group!

Today, we threw an ice cream social at the local splash pad!
The temperatures were 101 degrees with a heat index of 110.
The cooler full of ice wasn't of much help.
Our ice cream was melted within seconds of hitting our spoons.
But, it was worth it & while us moms got together to chat,
the kiddos splashed around and played on the playground.
Brad's on night shift, so I had the extra set of hands to run after Norah while I kept an eye on Piper in the shade.

These moms are amazing!
They are such a great support system & wonderful company while Brad is off working such strange hours.
I love that Norah has made new friends {although, she still is very content just going off and doing her own thing}.
It is the groups like these that make moving every so many years so difficult.
I'm glad we have a few more years to spend with all of these ladies and we get to watch our kiddos grow together.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Man, oh, man!!!
Where do I even begin??
Growing up in PA, we had a Rita's Italian Water Ice in every town.
It was our go-to treat in the summers.
Forget ice cream, this is where it was at!!
We would all meet at one, sit on the hoods or trunks of our cars and indulge!!
I have fond memories of going with my mom.
Mango was our favorite!!

It turns out there isn't a Rita's in Vermont.
I went 10+ years with only having them on the rare occasion I would get to stop at one on my visits in PA.
It was the one place I missed most while living in Vermont.

Fast forward a few years when we moved to Maryland.
YES!!!  We had one a mile up the road!
It was my little diamond in the rough in Maryland.
It made me happy!!

When we got our orders to move, of course I Googled to see where the closest one would be to us here in Texas... turns out there are two nearby.  And yet, it took me over a year to visit them.
They're close, but certainly not close enough for a regular treat.

But, we were long overdue & with the hot temps outside, we needed an indoor location to go and a cool treat to pass the time.
So, I gathered up the photo moms (most of which had never even heard of Rita's) & planned a get together at one of the local franchises.
Brad happened to have the day off, so he joined us on the little outing.

Norah wanted a taste of everyone's treats.
First her twist with sprinkles, then my Florida Orange Gilati, & then topped it all off with Brad's Root Beer Gilati.
I think she missed it as much as I have!!


It was hot today.
I kept hearing about the weather on the news.
It seemed like the words "hot" and "scorcher" kept jumping out of the TV.  And, of course, with our luck, on the hottest day of the summer, so far, our A/C bit the dust...
well, not the whole unit, but a part that required us to turn it off for a day before a repair guy could get to us.
So, we sat & waited...
the babies went without clothes & we set up our itty bitty fan that we have been carrying around with us since San Diego {since they don't even have A/C out there}.
Norah sang songs into the fan & enjoyed the breeze on her face.
Brad took the girls out to the air conditioned car for a little while.
And, when everything was back up and running, we went out for ice cream... and not just any ice cream... 320 degrees below zero ice cream!!  Aaaaannnddd... I forgot to bring my camera.
You would have thought we were going to melt away with the way we were acting.  But, if there is one thing I can say about Texas is it's hot & the LAST thing you want to be without on a summer day is A/C.  Luckily it wasn't as major as a fix that we were mentally gearing up for and we were back at 75 degrees in the house before bedtime {and I was freezing}. ;)


Look who is rolling over!!
There is no taking your eye off of this one anymore.
She is on her belly within seconds of putting her down & is beyond frustrated that crawling doesn't just come naturally.
I'm holding on tight.  It won't be long now until she's on the move.
This is all coming so much faster than it did with Norah.
Be still my sweet girl.

Piper - 3 months - 07.15.15

I made the little grey and yellow dress before Norah was born.
I loved that dress and it was one of few items I saved from Norah's baby wardrobe.
I thought today would be a great day to take pictures of Piper in it, but I seem to have missed that bus.  It was more of a shirt on her, so I changed her into another romper that used to be Norah's.  I just may cry when she doesn't fit into that one anymore.   It's one of my favorites!!  I felt like Norah fit into her newborn clothes for MONTHS, but Piper just flies right through the sizes.  She's so long & almost out of the 0-3 month stage.  She's in the 97th percentile for her length .  She doesn't get that from me.
Norah is in the 7th percentile for her weight.  She doesn't get that from me, either. ;)


Today was the first REALLY hot day of the summer.
I had a doctor's appointment in the morning which, as usual, the girls tagged along for.
Somehow I got the times mixed up and was a good hour and a half early.
The girls behaved so well on this visit up until nap time rolled around.
Poor Norah was done.  She was ready to get out of that doctor's office as much as I was.
So, since nap time had come and gone & Norah had to endure yet another doctor's appointment with me, I decided to meet a few other photo moms for ice cream at a cute little mom & pop stand.

It was hot.
The kids chased each other around.
Norah was smitten over Sam {a boy who lives in our neighborhood and is 2 years older}.
The ice cream melted... FAST!!!
We were all red in the face.
Summer has arrived.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I was a little sad when the 4th of July rolled around this year.
Last year we spent it at Brad's sister's house, surrounded by family & their awesome neighbors.  The kids had a snowball fight in July in Texas.
It was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
It hit me that they don't live in San Antonio anymore and we can't just drive to their house anymore to celebrate all of the holidays together.
I am so glad we had the past year to visit with each other.
It was a blast while it lasted.
Now our visits will be a bit further and farther between, but I cannot wait to jump on a plane and see all of those smiling faces again!!

Anywho... here I am getting all sappy.
This 4th of July, we were invited to Brad's coworker's house for dinner, cupcakes, and some fireworks.
Let me tell you a bit about Texas.
There aren't any fireworks laws unless you live in a town that bans them like we do {and I'm so glad our town does... we can actually sleep at night and not have to worry about them waking our kiddos every 5 minutes.  Man, we're old!!}
But, just down the street, our friends live in a development where they are completely and 100% legal for the residents to shoot off.
People spend a FORTUNE on fireworks.  There were hundreds going off at the same time, some directly in front of us & we had a view of the town's fireworks.
It was insane!
Allen & Brittney used all of their fireworks on Norah.
She was terrified of the poppers that you throw on the ground.
She kept asking Allen to "please, stop that" and "no more, ok?"
Piper didn't seem to be phased by the loud booms.
By the end of the night, she was sleeping in our arms.
I tried to get a picture of Brad with his girls... nobody was having it.  haha

Although, Norah was scared of the fireworks at first, it got better as the night went on.
She's often times afraid of things until she gets her feet wet & then she can't get enough of it!
Norah feels very protected by Allen.  If he was close by, all was ok.
When she was nervous, he took her for a piggy back ride around the block to see what the neighbors had to set off.  She came back happy and excited to watch the fireworks.
The entire way home she told us to "LOOK" out into the distance at the sky being lit up by fireworks.
It was a wonderful night with great friends!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Piper {06.27.15}

What can I say? This baby is such a joy!
She loves attention.
If you shoot her a smile, she sends one back, two fold!
She has the most adorable laugh.
She's an excellent sleeper, sleeping right through Norah's high pitch conversations with her dolls {Norah got my volume... sorry, kiddo}!
She really only cries when she's mad {which is whenever you aren't sitting directly in front of her AND looking at her}.  But, I think that is nature's way of telling me that this is all going by way too fast & not to blink.  She's telling me that my photo editing & Facebook updates can wait until another day.  Her baby days will be over in a flash & I know it!
So, I sit here, after putting the girls to bed, catching up on the blog & trying to capture as many moments of these baby days as possible.


Brad loves history.
I'll be honest, I didn't absorb as much as I wish I had about history in high school & college.
As an adult, I find it all so much more fascinating.
So, when we find a new museum to hit up, I jump on the opportunity.
It's a learning experience.

When we found out we were moving to Dallas, I couldn't wait to check out the 6th Floor Museum where President JFK was shot.  I can't believe it took us this long to get there, but when I was brainstorming for Father's Day plans, I just knew it was right up Brad's alley.

I have to admit, it isn't a great place for a 3 year old since it's a self guided tour with headphones & a lot of picture and description boards throughout.  Norah couldn't wait to leave to get some ice cream.  I felt bad for her... but, it was still a great experience.

Sadly, no photos were allowed inside the museum, but I made sure to capture some from the outside including the open window where Lee Harvey Oswald was stationed & the "X" on the street where JFK was shot.  I have seen pictures of the "X" before & I did say to Brad how I thought it was bigger.  Just a small, simple "X" in the middle of the road, but it speaks volumes.