Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Piper - 2 Months - 06.15.15

Oh, Piper.  When you were still in my belly I worried about how Norah's transition to being a big sister would be.
I worried that she would resent us for sharing our love with you.
I worried!
My friends with multiple children assured me it was normal with your second child, but that we wouldn't be able to imagine life without you in it once you had arrived and that somehow we do find even more space in our hearts to love more than one baby!
Boy, truer words had never been spoken!
You are a joy, a blessing, and the best addition to this family!
I love watching you smile and laugh every day!
You are one of the happiest babies & between you and your sister, we can't help but smile right with you!
I am so glad God chose you and Norah to be our babies!
We really couldn't imagine life any other way!

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